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Olu Deniz

blue laggon and Belcegiz beachis situated in a valley surrounded by pine covered mountains on three sides and facing the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.The Beach is a mixture of pebbles and fine shingle/sand. Olu Deniz is in a conservation area so you won't find high rise Hotels and such,so it keeps it's natural beauty.The Lagoon end of the beach is a National Park Area and costs a minimal fee (about 50p) to enter,and is probably the most photographed beach in Turkey. .Just to throw in a bit of history,it harboured the Roman galleys of Pompey which were there to eject pirates from Gemiler. Belcegiz beach Olu DenizThere are numerous activities on the beach ie:-water ski-ing,snorkeling,scuba diving,para sailing,banana boat,pedalo's,canoes in fact something for everyone. You will find there is a good number of bars and restaurants along the front of Olu Deniz and in the various roads leading from the beach.Here you can have anything your heart desires,from a Kebab to a three course meal.There is also Camping areas for the Backpackers among you.In the evening the bars offer a variety of different music and entertainment. Olu Deniz has also become something of a Mecca for Paragliding,and enthusiasts come from all over the world to take part in the sport.Towards the end of the season,usually around October time there is a big Paragliding competition which is worth seeing as there are numerous paragliders in the air at the one time.It is possible for anyone to take a Tandem flight with an experienced pilot from the top of BabaDag mountain,landing on the beach at Olu Deniz,an experience not to be missed.


Katranci BeachThis place is a uniquely beautiful cove with its azure sea and fine sandy beach, on the Fethiye to Mugla highway at a distance of 17 kms away. A car or jeep is required. You all drive past this beach on your way to Hisaronu and Olu deniz but not many of you visit. The hilltops are covered withKatranci beach red pines, eucalyptus tress and cyprus acacias. The cove derives its name from the period where tar was boiled in large cauldrons under the shadow of the trees. Another feature of this cove is the camping site for holiday makers (mainly Turkish) to set up their tents. From the month of May to the end of October, the area,adequate for 250 tents, has facilities such as shower stalls, pergola-bar and scullery. From the pathway along the shoreline, crossing over the hill, the Kizlar cove is reached again covered with pine forests on three sides, these coves are more peaceful and quiet than the ones in olu deniz. More like the old Tukey and not many tourists apart from turkish ones - DONT MISS IT.



Gunluklu BeachIn the same style of Katranci this is another beautiful cove and is aprox 19 kms from Fethiye. A jeep or car is required. Again on the Fethiye to Mugla highway, you pass this on route to Hisaronu from Dalaman and once again miss out on a fantastic beach, secluded and no tourists other thanGunluklu Beach turkish ones. The cove is once again unique, it is covered with perfumed storax trees (liquid amber !!!!). It is almost impossible to see the sky due to the density of the trees. It is another ideal place for camping in tents under the stars and once again we would advise you to pay a visit and get lost in the real Turkey.



Kidrak BeachThis cove is located about one kilometer to the east of Belcegiz (Olu beach) and is also an Environmentally Protected beach and has an impressive natural beauty. It is also the most popular camping area in Fethiye. The beach whilst small shingle is stunning and the water has so many shades of blue you cannot count them. Once you have reached the end of the road at Olu you will need to get a taxi or car toKidrak Beach take you left (NOT RIGHT TO THE LAGOON) aprox 15 minutes later you will arrive at Kidrak. Very easy to get to and I promise not crowded whatever time of the year you go but dont tell anybody about it or it will not remain that way for long.


Sugar Beach

Sugar BeachNow most of you will visit the main beach of Olu Deniz and of course the Fantasic Blue Lagoon however in high season these two places can get very crowded and no room to swing a cat let alone lay down your towel on the beach. Also many people comment on how lovely the beach is but it is shingle and not sand. However if you are looking for uncrowded sandy beaches then Sugar Beach is for you. Also ideal for small children as the water is calm and crystal clear and you can swim out for miles and still stand up only waist deep in parts. When you arrive at Belcegiz (olu beach)Sugar Beach via dolmus, hop off and ask any taxi driver to take you to Sugar Beach and they will do so for free !!!!!!!!! They are located at the other side of the lagoon aprox 10 minutes away. When you visit the lagoon you can see them from the other side and many people believe they are private beaches that you cannot go on. NOT TRUE ! At the entrance to the lagoon take the right hand turning just before and you will find them. Enjoy and relax and laugh at all the others across the way trying to find a spot on the beach.


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